Pressure Pumping

Pressure Pumping

We’re excited to introduce PT-02, the latest addition to the Iron Slinger fleet, designed to elevate our pressure pumping services.

This 15,000 PSI-capable unit excels in high-volume treatments, such as removing scale buildup with hydrochloric acid in disposal wells. Our services cater to the oil and gas industry’s needs. PT-02 features a robust 15k triplex pump, comprehensive data acquisition, and safety systems, including overpressure protection for instantaneous pump shutdowns. With dual mixing tanks, a versatile gear pump, and a complete fluid transfer kit, PT-02 is equipped to deliver unparalleled service , efficiency and safety.

PT-02 Features:

  • 15k triplex pump capable of 900 L/min
  • Data acquisition system
  • Overpressure prevention/trip system
  • Twin 3m³ tanks with paddle agitators
  • Onboard gear pump
  • Hoses and stainless steel fittings package (acid capable)
iron slinger pressure pumping
15k pressure truck

15K PSI Pressure Truck

Our Pressure Truck can be used for various operations in the field, including:

  • Pressure Testing
  • Acidizing
  • Pumping Custom Fluids
  • Frac Ball Launching and/or Backside Pressure
  • Wireline Lubricator Filling, Pressure Test/Equalizing, and Draining
  • Pipeline Filling and Testing