Hot Oiling Services

Hot Oiling

Our hot oiler and pressure trucks are ready to dispatch to your location. Our fleet of four 5.5 MmBtu Hot Oilers are equipped with 5000 PSI fluid ends, data acquisition and TC-406 tanks. All of our trucks carry the necessary hoses and fittings to do the job, and also have the ability to make 75% road bans during break-up season.

hot oiler grande prairie

Save Money With Our Quad Wagon Fluid Hauler

We have added a cutting-edge Quad Wagon to our Hot Oiler fleet, bringing enhanced efficiency directly to your wellsite.

This innovation not only reduces well servicing expenses and environmental impact but also minimizes the risk of vehicular incidents by removing the dependency on third-party tanker trucks. The wagon trailer boasts four digitally monitored stainless steel tanks, allowing for the transportation of various fluids, such as acids, solvents, and displacement fluids.

Iron Slinger’s commitment to industry-leading solutions shines through with our Quad Wagon, designed to meet and surpass your service expectations. By adding this trailer to a job, you benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, while lowering risk and project cost.