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Hot Oilers in Grande Prairie & Pressure Services

Iron Slinger is Grande Prairie’s newest Hot Oiling and Pressure Pumping service company, founded by a group of industry leaders in 2022. We strive to become a top tier service provider in the Peace Region.

Our Oilfield Services for the Peace Region


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We provide dewaxing services for annulus, tubular, rod string, casing flushes, as well as for surface lines, pipelines, tank cleaning, flushes. We may also provide chemical blending services.

Back Pressure

We can hold back pressure to support hydraulic fracturing or coiled tubing operations, as well as provide pressure monitoring and recording. Pumping can be performed up to 15k (15000 psi).

Plant Turnarounds

Providing services for tank cleaning, utilizing chemical and solvent washing techniques, performing dewaxing procedures, transporting fluids, and managing waste materials.

Abandonment Support

We offer assistance for well abandonment, which includes dewaxing, flushing, and pressure testing.

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SECOR Recognition
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