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Hot Oilers in Grande Prairie & Pressure Services

Iron Slinger is Grande Prairie's newest Hot Oiling and Pressure Truck company, founded by a group of industry leaders in 2022. We strive to become a top tier service provider in the Peace Region.

Our Oilfield Services for the Peace Region

About Iron Slinger

Located in Grande Prairie, we are centrally located to serve Northern Alberta and the Peace Region.
Our crews and equipment are ready to mobilize for projects near and far. We pride ourselves on following the highest standards to meet HSE requirements and maintain safe operational excellence. Our equipment is well maintained and our crews are trained in there respective tasks to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Hot Oilers in the Oilfield

Hot oilers are common in the oil and gas industry. They are essentially pressure trucks that are equipped with burners, which have the ability to heat fluid in a closed loop system. They are efficient and fast for generating high output heat. Typical uses for hot oilers include heating of crude oil, water or other fluids. When heating crude oil, they are used to melt the naturally occurring paraffin wax and to remove moisture. Similarly, they can be used to dissolve salt deposits in water, or to circulate warm fluid in low temperature climates to prevent freezing.

See our hot oiling services for the solutions we provide with our hot oiler units.


The Benefits of Hot Oiling


Prevention of hydrate formation

Hydrates are formed when water and hydrocarbons combine at low temperatures and high pressures. Hot oiling helps to prevent hydrate formation by maintaining the temperature of the production tubing and flow lines.


Increased oil production

Hot oiling can increase oil production by preventing the buildup of hydrates and paraffin, which can restrict the flow of oil.


Improved well efficiency

Hot oiling can improve the efficiency of oil production by maintaining the temperature of the equipment, ensuring that oil flows smoothly through the production tubing and flow lines.


Increased safety

Hot oiling can increase safety by preventing the formation of hydrates, which can cause blockages and pressure buildups that can lead to equipment failure and other safety hazards.


Reduction of paraffin buildup

Paraffin can accumulate in the production tubing and flow lines, restricting the flow of oil. Hot oiling helps to reduce paraffin buildup by maintaining the temperature of the equipment, preventing the paraffin from solidifying.


Reduced downtime

By preventing the buildup of hydrates and paraffin, hot oiling can reduce the amount of downtime required for well maintenance.


Lower operating costs:

Hot oiling can help to lower operating costs by reducing the need for frequent well maintenance and repairs.


Safety Is Our Priority


SECOR Recognition


ISN Member


Comply Works Member

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